Payday loan – fast money

Payday loan – fast money

You need fast money – very fast? Then a payday loan without remark is just the thing.

If you already have an entry in the remark, then it is difficult to impossible to get credit at the house bank. The bank will probably reject you, because there is always a request from the remark.

You can work around that, with a payday loan without remark this is possible. You get the money after a few days, a remark query is not necessary. A payday loan without remark is usually awarded by foreign banks, if you meet all the conditions, nothing stands in the way of the contract. The foreign banks go quite a risk and on the remark is completely omitted.

Of course, even with a payday loan rules are observed. You must be 18 years old and have a permanent residence. You must also prove a fixed income and it must be above the seizure limit. But even if this is not the case, you should apply, it has been helped in the most difficult cases.

What should you pay attention to?

Most of the payday loan is advertised without remark on the Internet, but just here you should pay attention to the seriousness of the provider. Unfortunately, there are quite a few “black sheep” on the market who do not work honestly. Never pay in advance, it is not common for a reputable credit intermediary. The processing costs are completely paid by the respective company and even the postage and letter costs are borne by the credit intermediary.

Another cost trap is insurance. Never take out additional insurance, as lending should not be made dependent on insurance. With an honest provider you will not experience something like that. You should reject dubious credit offers, even if the financial need is really great.

The costs

Of course, the Blitzkredit without remark has slightly higher interest rates. But for that you do not have to disclose the full finances, you will not be put through their paces. It is relatively easy to get a payday loan. However, you should make do with 3,500 euros, in a flash loan without remark a higher amount is not provided. One bank has raised the sum of 5,000 euros, but usually the loan amount is smaller.

The repayment rate!

Of course, you also have to repay a flash loan without remark, so the rate must be tailored to your personal needs. It must not restrict your life, a holiday or a restaurant visit should still be there.


Loans are highly courted, because with the interest can be earned good money. However, you should already be aware that there is no credit without credit check. Also, the interest rates are very different, the greater the default risk, the higher the interest rates are. So ask several credit intermediaries and compare well.

Of course, even with a payday loan you can improve your credit rating, with an additional security you are very far ahead. Maybe you have a solvent sponsor who trusts you and who can help you if necessary?

Of course you will be well advised on request, a team of experts is always at your disposal. A flash loan without remark is sometimes simply necessary, such as when an urgent repair is due or when the car is broken. Do not worry, a payday loan is used more often than you might think. If you follow all the advice listed here, nothing should happen and you have a larger sum available, which is not earmarked and about which you can freely dispose.

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